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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to file a tax return?

According to the IRS 2022 Publication 501: [a US citizen or resident] under the age of 65, who gross at least $12,950 ($25,900 if married filing joint) MUST file a tax return.  Income amounts differ for persons over the age of 65, married but filing-separately, or being a qualified widow(er).

This is my first time filing,  what information should I bring?

Although every filing case is different, the most important and basic things you will need to have are a valid form of identification, your W2/1099 form[s], and/or all payments you received from self-employment during the tax year you are filing. Other factors such as owning a house, going to school, or claiming dependents would determine what other documentation you would need to present when filing.

How are filing fees determined and paid?

Filing fees are based on a per form [and for some, per schedule] basis for each individual filing [-spouse and/or dependent(s), if applicable]. In addition, Banking and Transfer fees are determined partially by the third-party Bank used to administer the refund/advance.  Payment of fees can be deducted from an expected refund [on a current year return] or paid out-of-pocket, upfront.  Prior year returns do not have the option to be deducted from an expected refund.  For more information on all fees associated with filing, please visit our "File" page.

The appointment time I need is not offered- what can I do?

View our 'Early/Late' appointments or 'At-Home verification' options on our "File" page.  This gives you the choice of filing outside of normal business hours or schedule to have your documents picked up from home, work, or school. These services are subject to booking fees and/or deposit. You could also call directly or contact us below and we will do our best to arrange a time/service that works best for you.

I do not have transportation  OR  access to computer / internet / fax ...

can I still file a return?

Absolutely.  Schedule for an 'At-Home verification' appointment on our "File​" page.  A team member will verify your identification at your home [work or school], collected any necessary documents, and complete the processing over the phone.  This service can be added to filing fees or paid in full upfront and requires a deposit.

What is a "qualified referral"?

Send your friends, family members, neighbor and co-workers to HonestyTax  and receive $25/each when they receive their refund or pay upfront  [minimum requirements apply].  Referrals increased to $100/for 3 separate filers after enrollment to REFERRAL BONUS offer;  referring new clients only. Special rules apply [for referral bonus offer], please see "Referral" page for more details. 

Are there any special discounts available?

Actually, yes!  We offer discounted filing fees for students, veterans, and seniors up to 10% off; AND up to 15% off for upfront payments. Discounts apply only to current year filing and may require proof of claim. Also, discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, credited to other services/products, nor transferred to another party.

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